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Creations By Amanda Ashley

Spidey and Friends Favor Stickers

Spidey and Friends Favor Stickers

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Spidey & Friends Favor Stickers. 

Sticker Details:

- Stickers are 2" round in size. 

- Each order quantity includes 12 stickers. If you need 24 stickers, you would add 2 orders to your cart for a total of 24 stickers and so forth. 

Order Placement:

- You must include your date of event, name, age, and style for stickers (style 1, or 2 or a mix of both)

- Style 1 will read "Amazing (Name) is Turning (Age)"

- Style 2 will read "Amazing (Name)" with age in center. 

- There are two sticker style options to choose from, on a peel off sheet or individually, please select carefully. Individual stickers are ideal for those wishing to place a sticker in individual goodie bags, etc. 

Turn Around Time: Please check our shop announcements for current processing times.

Please note that processing times do not include shipping time.

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