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Creations By Amanda Ashley

Bambi Cutlery Set

Bambi Cutlery Set

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Bambi themed Cutlery Sets.

Set Details:

- All sets are disposable for one time use. 

  • Each set holds 3 standard utensils and one dinner napkin.  
  • Utensils and napkins are not included.

Order Placement:

- You must include your date of event, name, age, personalization for sets and choice of either Bambi or Thumper or a mix of both. 

If no personalization is selected, I reserve the right as the seller to select a personalization in accordance with the name and age provided. 

All cutlery sets are handled with clean gloves to maintain and maximize cleanliness.

Turn Around Time: Please check our shop announcements for current processing times.

Please note that processing times do not include shipping time.

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